Food for Thought: Lunch with Professionals


9 juli 2023

Time: 0.30 - 3.00PM

Theme: individual vs collective

When was the last time you had a serious conversation, more than just small talk? And when did you have a conversation with someone you didn't know before? Food for Thought invites you for a lunch or brunch that makes you think. Food connects and stimulates your brain. An excellent breeding ground for philosophizing with others. 

How it works

  • You can participate by subscribing below. The host (Mathieu) will contact you and provide you with more information.
  • Anyone can join and everyone brings a (small) dish. 
  • Program: 1) Appetizer with introduction 2) Starter with a toast to someone else 3) Main course with main discussion about the theme 4) Dessert with 'actio'

“I have experienced my participation in Tafelgenoten as very fun, interesting, challenging, and instructive. It was very nice to meet new people and to talk about a subject (in my case balance), to learn how other people view life, look at things and do things. By acquiring knowledge while eating, I experienced it as a beautiful and accessible way to talk to others. Highly recommended!"

More information

€ 0,00 per persoon